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If you'd like to see how your content could look with a fresh design why not use our professional designer service


We work with many clients on projects as simple as a business card design though to corporate training brand design.  On an individual level we can also help you design your flyers or promotional material to maximise impact working to the budget that you have. Our experience in design and our in depth knowledge of the print market give our customers confidence that we can deliver the most effective solution to their timescales


With online technology  we can work as flexibly as you need - giving our clients the ability to feel as if they are sitting next to our designers in our design studio.  With final PDF review and sign off, your ideas can flourish into design and into print or other digital media with the minimum of hassle.


For a free consultation please make contact with  our design team on 678 245 950 who will be happy to help.

Artwork Charges:

These are based on straightforward re-setting of the job. For instance: you may have designed your own business card, letterhead, compliment slips etc. in Word, Publisher, Excel, etc. We cannot produce directly from these file formats. Price is from €20.00


Graphics/logos embedded in these files are low-res (this keeps the file sizes down) @ 72dpi. For best quality print we require 300dpi, which is why we ask for the graphic/logo to be supplied separately in its native hi-res state.


Most people who are not familiar with print production normally supply their artwork as 1-up, (a single card on a sheet). We need to plan cards at least 8-up (or more, depending on quantity required). This layout then needs accurate crop/trim marks placed in position. Compliment slips need planning 6-up with the appropriate crop marks. Each job has it´s own layout.


This usually entails us having to export the Word / Publisher document as a pdf, which is then imported into Adobe Illustrator for fixing the colours/bleeds/crop marks etc. Fonts often don't convert well on transfer. It's usually quicker for us to reset the job from scratch which is why we do sometimes need to make a small charge.











If you are providing print-ready artwork then these costs can be ignored. In many cases if we are required to do the artwork, and find it very straightforward, then we do not charge. The above prices are just a guide and we would advise you on any artwork costs once we know what is involved.

As mentioned earlier, these artwork costs relate to straightforward resetting and assume a suitable (where required) hi-res logo has been supplied. If you think your artwork may entail more work than this, e.g. your logo needs redrawing to a suitable standard, then please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.



We will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible

You can also call us on: 678 245 950

If you are not sure whether your artwork is print-ready or needs a little work then just email a copy, using the link above and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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